My absolute favorite food is…Qdoba! I guess it’s not exactly a food…but they do have the best burritos and bowls. Period. Queso…Avocado…fresh ingredients at a great price point…I am putting myself in a food coma just talking about it.

Comedian T.J. Miller told me I looked like a runner. To work off the burritos, that is exactly what I have learned to love. I like the idea of a #10KBreakfast — meaning, when it’s not snowing I like the idea of watching the sunrise while running a 10K before breakfast. Not to diss the Winter, I try to give the trails a little attention in the cold months as well. I haven’t participated in many races, but I am a big fan of Tough Mudder!

My wife has told me I am “like a one-man parade.” (This was after coming up from my basement quarters with a bluetooth speaker blasting “There Should Be Unicorns” by The Flaming Lips and promptly holding the speaker above my head in John Cusack-style.)

I’m a big fan of OUTLANDER, GAME OF THRONES, VIKINGS, and the movie Almost Famous. Apparently, I just wasn’t made for these times. #petsounds #beachboys

Speaking of Vikings, I have been to Iceland three-times. I classify these trips as adventures. Where else in the world can you travel such a dynamic landscape with incredible people, yet be the only person standing at the foot of a glorious waterfall, sit inside the magma chamber of a dormant volcano or snorkel between two-continents! Solitude, spiritual, grounding…I could go on…and on…and on…

My dream place to visit is already in the bucket (times 3), however I would like to explore Cambodia, the Galapagos Islands, Patagonia, Machu Picchu and,maybe, parent’s land (literally the land in the valleys of Driftless Wisconsin).

My life currently revolves around PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC release schedules and concerts, episodes of OUTLANDER, running, playing uncle and husband.

My fur buddy Skylar believes we are best friends; at least that is the storyline I have been lead to believe. One thing she apparently hates is our couches as she has made it her mission to destroy them thread-by-thread.

My kryptonite…mmmm, the music of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, followed by SIGUR ROS! My musical leanings are across the map but am very much attracted to the Alternative-side of Music and pure musicianship: ie. The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Foals, Underworld, Prince…I could go on.

I hate mushrooms…but Morel Mushrooms are more of a love story!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut, a priest, a chiropractor, a dentist and an artist. I am not exactly sure why farming did not pan out!?!? (But may explain away some of my randomness.)

Random “coincidences” occur in my life on a regular basis: attending a concert and then  asked by the band to photograph the show, finding $6000 in a parking lot, turning down the chance to play HORSE against Dave Chappelle, receiving a call from Capitol Records to learn I won a concert give away, going to Vestrahorn and being told by the owner of a coffee shop that he remembers me…maybe it’s more about being open to experiences?    


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