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At surface value, I am a musichead, have a passion for travel and experiencing things, but most of all, I love creating photos. 

On another level, I am very detail-oriented, competitive, believe in over-delivering and constantly seek ways to improve upon myself, my work and my workflow.    

Photography has been a passion of mine from my early years. But long ago, my interest in photography grew beyond pointing a camera and clicking the shutter button. I really love lighting. I love manipulating light and constructing an image. I'm also determined to find new ways of looking at a subject to find the absolute best angles. Over the past fifteen years, I have had the opportunity to bring this passion to my work in photography and video production.   

Whether it's your place of business, a family portrait or promotional photos for your band, I go into each project with an open mind to create photos of which you will be proud.

Commercial Portrait, Landscape and Event Photographer
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